Soul of Madagascar tours undertakes to ensure that all possible care is taken so that the travel arrangements specified in your Itinerary run efficiently and successfully. These booking conditions seek to explain as clearly as possible the responsibilities undertaken between us when you make and we accept a reservation.


The person named in the booking form as clients is acting on behalf of themselves and each person named on that form as Additional clients and is responsible for ensuring that each Additional clients is fully aware of these booking conditions. The Lead clients warrants that he/she is authorized by the Additional clients including, where an Additional clients is under 18 years of age, the parent or legal guardian. No additions or changes may be made to the booking conditions except in writing and signed Mr. Enock Jandry the founder and Manager of soul of Madagascar tours, or Legal representative with power of attorney .

On receipt & signed of the tour agreement 30 % the deposit has to be paid as indicated in the tour payment invoice by bank transfer or directed payment method by Western Union. We will issue you with a Confirmation of Booking which includes final itinerary and confirmed hotel list . No firm reservation exists until we have issued this tour agreement signed and Scanned copy sent back. Payment of the balance of the amount for the Itinerary will be due forth with on its commencing by any of the methods set out in the tour agreement. Failure to pay the balance will result in your reservation being canceled  and your deposit forfeited.

It is the responsibility of individual clients to ensure that they are in possession of a valid passport, visa if required, and any necessary health, vaccination or inoculation certificates.


Our clients are obliged to travel with a standard travel and health insurance.

You are required to take out travel insurance covering the medical expenses and repatriation of all clients soul of Madagascar tours does not  have liability travel insurance but do have insurance for all means of transportation which will be used during the tour. The insurance policy works according to the Malagasy government law.


Cancelations of confirmed bookings by client(s) due to personal circumstances after signing the Tour Agreement up to 30 days prior to departure are subject to a cancelation fee of 5% of the total Tour Price.

Cancelations received 20 days up to 15 days before commencement of the Tour 30% of the total Tour Price has to be paid. By cancelations received 10 days up to 1 days before commencement of the Tour 50% of the total Tour Price has to be paid plus advance payments which are already done by soul  Madagascar tours (for example for domestic flights, hotels and car(s) and which will not be refunded by this third parties.

If after commencement of the Tour, the Tour has to be stopped in an early stage because of personal circumstances of the client, soul of Madagascar tours cannot guarantee any refund but will do its best to refund expenses which are not yet paid.

If one or more clients cancel a Tour and the remaining clients want to let the Tour continue, the Price will be adapted for the remaining clients and those who have canceled will pay the above written cancelation fee(s). If remaining clients don’t agree with the new Tour Price, soul of Madagascar tours

is not indebted to conduct the Tour.

CANCELATIONS DONE BY THE CLIENT(S) OR BY soul of Madagascar tours IN CASE OF NATURAL CALAMITIES, POLITICAL UNREST OR WAR: the same conditions as mentioned above. We strongly recommend our clients to effect cancelation insurance.

The staff of soul of Madagascar  tours will conduct every Tour as agreed with every individual client to the best of their ability. If despite this you have any complain during the tour contact the soul of Madagascar tours office in Tamatave as quickly as possible so that we can do our best to solve the problem(s).

However, soul of Madagascar tours cannot be held responsible for cancelations in case of unrest, war or natural calamities and overbooking made by third parties such as hotels, airlines, transport companies or other Travel agencies. Although we only make use of safe and well insured cars and other materials and every possible care is taken to safeguard our clients and their properties, soul of Madagascar tours cannot be held responsible for any loss or harm of personal goods, consequences of sickness, accidents or calamities. All extra costs resulting from above mentioned situations are for the client’s own account. Soul of Madagascar tours will use its best efforts to assist as an agent for our clients in dealing with third parties and in cases of need such as theft, sickness, injuries or other calamities.
All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Madagascar.


Madagascar is a country subject to tropical weather which changes rapidly and sometimes without notice. Natural disasters and other unforeseen situations related to weather changes are possible at any time.

Given the case that the customer is already in the country when these unforeseen situations occur, Soul of Madagascar tours will not be responsible for extra days the customer may have to stay in the country due to a natural disaster or any unforeseen situation caused by weather, won’t  be responsible for flight delays, reschedules or expenses these unforeseen situations may generate.

If the customer has a tour already scheduled in the next days to come and a natural disaster or other unforeseen situations occur in the country prior his/her flight that may interfere with the tour, he/she will be allowed to reschedule without charge


Tour prices can be provided upon request. Prices are not fixed but depend on the season,type of hotel (High end – midrange – Budget ) , transportation ( Only road trip means only car,mixed by car, boat and plane or only by plane),activities ,destination ( tarred road or secondary,in the mainland or in an island ), fuel prices and currency exchange rates ,the duration of your stay and the number of people in your group

soul of Madagascar tours  has the right to adapt an earlier given price up to 35 days before commencement of the Tour. After payment of the total Tour price by the client(s), no adaptations will be made.


The client appreciates and acknowledges that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and should allow for alternatives. The outline itinerary as given for each tour must therefore be taken as an indication only of what each group may accomplish and not as a contractual obligation on the part of the company. It is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events, which may include sickness or mechanical breakdown, flight cancelations, strikes, events emanating from political disputes, climate and other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances.

We also consider flexibility in all possible circumstances to satisfy client’s interest by welcoming any request from clients during the tour.


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