Masoala national park

Masoala national park is located in the northeast part of Madagascar, precisely in Sava and a part in Analanjirofo regions, this is a destination where you can have a view of those small reptiles called geckos (uroplatus ) and many lemurs and plants species. The amazing national park has 2.300 square kilometers and has its near by paradise  beach which called Nosy mangabe, where you can spot lots of lemurs species and spectacular paradise beach as well as  enjoying snorkeling l scuba diving and whale watching.

Masoala is one of the largest parks and deep forests we have left in Madagascar, visiting this destination would  be a perfect feeling for those who has  never been experiencing a deep rain forest feeling, the park  has huge rain forest and 10 species of lemurs l more than 60 species of reptiles as well as amphibians  l 90 birds species l 130 different butterflies and other 15 mammals  species and lots of plants species. Every single activity you do will show different atmospheres which is surrounded by rare animal species of all kinds.  If you are searching for an amazing feeling it is guaranteed that you will find it over here.

It is an experience to have a visit to Masoala national park with its nearby island called Nosy manganbe where  we can amazingly see many types of novelties,chameleons of all sizes,day gecko,helmet vangas,,serpent eagles,not mentioning the most attractive environment in Madagascar and the fantastic destinations of kayaking l snorkeling l whale watching and scuba diving.

Have you ever been experiencing an off-road rip and told about the RN5 in the northeast ? If not then get ready to do it with this adventure which is full of nature and beach beautiful scenery. Every single stops will give you new atmospheric pleasure.


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