Peyrieras reserve

The Peyrieras Reserve is one of the best and easiest places to see most of the reptiles of Madagascar.
It is a private reserve and one of the best stops along the RN2 heading to the Andasibe-Mantadia national park this well planed reserve was named after the French entomologist and naturalist Andre Peyrieras.

This  is a famous tourist attraction and destination in Madagascar especially those who loves chameleons as here is the place where you will see most of the chameleon species of Madagascar and not only chameleons but also lemurs. All visit to this amazing place gives a rational complete impression of the fauna of Madagascar. You will enjoy seeing the colorful chameleons, butterflies, crocodiles, lemurs, geckos, frogs as well as bats.The reserve has climate that is quite cool, the average temperature is around 20 ° C. If you search for the best destination to have a nice photos of reptiles guaranteed that here you won't be disappointed.


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